Case Study: Just Evil Enough – Leveraging Quiz and Survey Master for Successful Book Launch Lead Capture

Project Overview

“Just Evil Enough,” a thrilling book project, sought to maximize engagement and generate leads as part of its pre-launch marketing strategy. The client specifically requested the integration of the renowned Quiz and Survey Master (QSM) plugin to create an interactive and captivating experience that would not only promote the book but also capture valuable leads for future marketing campaigns.


  1. Engagement and Lead Capture: The primary challenge was to design and implement a quiz using the QSM plugin that would not only engage the audience but also seamlessly capture leads for the upcoming book launch.
  2. Reputation Management: The client emphasized the importance of maintaining the reputation of the book as a thrilling and mysterious story throughout the quiz, ensuring consistency with the overall theme.

Integration Process

  1. Strategic Quiz Design: Collaborated with the client to design a captivating quiz aligned with the theme of “Just Evil Enough.” The quiz questions were carefully crafted to generate curiosity about the book while providing an engaging experience for participants.
  2. QSM Plugin Integration: Integrated the Quiz and Survey Master (QSM) plugin into the website, seamlessly embedding the quiz within the existing platform. This involved ensuring compatibility, responsiveness, and an intuitive user interface for a smooth experience.
  3. Lead Capture Mechanism: Implemented a lead capture mechanism within the quiz, strategically placing opt-in forms at key points. Participants were encouraged to provide their contact details in exchange for exclusive insights, updates, or bonus content related to the upcoming book launch.
  4. Consistent Branding: Ensured that the design elements, tone, and messaging within the quiz remained consistent with the overall branding of “Just Evil Enough.” This included using thematic visuals, fonts, and language to maintain the mysterious and thrilling atmosphere.
  5. Data Privacy Compliance: Implemented data privacy measures to ensure that the lead capture process complied with relevant regulations. Participants were informed about the purpose of data collection and given the option to opt-in for further communication.


  1. High Engagement Rates: The interactive nature of the QSM-powered quiz led to high engagement rates, with participants spending meaningful time interacting with the content.
  2. Successful Lead Capture: The lead capture mechanism embedded within the quiz proved effective, generating a substantial number of leads for the book launch campaign. Contact details collected included email addresses for future communication.
  3. Positive Audience Response: Participants appreciated the unique and entertaining quiz experience, and the positive feedback contributed to building anticipation and excitement for the upcoming book release.
  4. Reinforced Brand Image: The consistent branding throughout the quiz reinforced the mysterious and thrilling image of “Just Evil Enough,” aligning participant expectations with the book’s theme.


The integration of the Quiz and Survey Master (QSM) plugin for lead capture as part of the “Just Evil Enough” book launch campaign was a resounding success. By combining engaging quiz content with strategic lead capture mechanisms, the project not only generated excitement and anticipation but also laid a strong foundation for future marketing efforts. This case study highlights the effective use of interactive quizzes to not only entertain but also capture valuable leads in the context of a book launch.

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