Case Study: Autisme Emploi – Facilitating Inclusive Employment Opportunities through QSM Plugin Integration and Custom Role Development

Client Background

Autisme Emploi is a unique platform dedicated to empowering autistic individuals by providing tailored support for finding meaningful employment opportunities. The client approached our development team with the objective of enhancing the platform’s functionality by integrating the Quiz and Survey Master (QSM) plugin with BuddyPress. Additionally, the client sought to create custom user roles for experts and artists, each equipped with a personalized dashboard and profile customization options. The ultimate goal was to enable experts to assign quizzes to specific artists and evaluate their performance through a seamless and user-friendly interface.


  1. Inclusive User Roles: The challenge was to create distinct user roles for experts and artists, ensuring that each role had the necessary permissions and capabilities required for their respective tasks.
  2. Seamless Integration of QSM Plugin with BuddyPress: Integrating the QSM plugin with BuddyPress to facilitate quiz assignments and evaluations within the platform without compromising the user experience posed a technical challenge.
  3. Custom Dashboards and Profiles: Developing custom dashboards for both experts and artists, along with profile customization options, was essential to provide a user-friendly interface tailored to the specific needs of each user group.

Strategies Implemented

  1. Custom User Roles: Created custom user roles for experts and artists, defining their unique permissions and capabilities within the Autisme Emploi platform. This ensured that each role could perform tasks relevant to their responsibilities.
  2. QSM Plugin Integration with BuddyPress: Integrated the Quiz and Survey Master (QSM) plugin seamlessly with BuddyPress, allowing for the creation, assignment, and evaluation of quizzes within the social networking framework. This integration maintained a cohesive user experience.
  3. Personalized Dashboards: Developed personalized dashboards for both experts and artists, featuring intuitive layouts and functionalities. The dashboards served as centralized hubs for managing tasks, accessing quizzes, and tracking progress.
  4. Custom Profile Customization: Enabled artists and experts to customize their profiles with relevant information, ensuring a comprehensive representation of their skills, preferences, and expertise. This feature helped in creating a more meaningful connection between the two user groups.
  5. Quizzes Assignment and Evaluation System: Implemented a user-friendly system within the dashboard, allowing experts to assign quizzes to specific artists. Artists could then access and complete assigned quizzes, with experts having the capability to evaluate their performance and provide feedback.


  1. Improved Accessibility to Employment Resources: The custom roles and integrated features enhanced the platform’s accessibility, allowing autistic individuals to navigate and utilize employment resources more effectively.
  2. Streamlined Collaboration Between Experts and Artists: The platform facilitated a seamless collaboration between experts and artists through the assignment and evaluation system, creating an environment conducive to meaningful interactions and support.
  3. Enhanced User Engagement: Personalized dashboards, profile customization, and the interactive quiz system contributed to increased user engagement, making the platform more appealing and user-friendly.
  4. Meaningful Employment Opportunities: Autisme Emploi’s improved functionality played a vital role in connecting autistic individuals with experts, fostering a supportive community that actively worked towards providing meaningful employment opportunities.


The successful integration of the QSM plugin with BuddyPress, coupled with the development of custom user roles and personalized dashboards, significantly enhanced the Autisme Emploi platform. This case study illustrates the importance of tailored solutions in creating inclusive environments for individuals with unique needs, ultimately contributing to the pursuit of meaningful employment opportunities within a supportive community.

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