Case Study: Edwin Merino – Transforming Author Engagement through QSM and Sendinblue Integration for Lead Generation

Client Background

Edwin Merino, an accomplished author, sought to establish a robust online presence by creating a dedicated author publication site. The client’s primary objectives included integrating the Quiz and Survey Master (QSM) plugin with Sendinblue for effective lead generation. Additionally, the client envisioned a unique way to present quiz results – in the form of a pie chart wheel. This innovative approach aimed to enhance user engagement and provide a visually appealing representation of quiz outcomes.


  1. Effective Lead Generation: The challenge was to seamlessly integrate the QSM plugin with Sendinblue to capture leads generated through quizzes, ensuring a streamlined process for communication and engagement with the author’s audience.
  2. Custom Result Display: Creating a custom display for quiz results in the shape of a pie chart wheel required intricate customization of the QSM plugin. The challenge was to implement this visually appealing feature without compromising functionality.

Strategies Implemented

  1. QSM and Sendinblue Integration: Integrated the Quiz and Survey Master (QSM) plugin with Sendinblue to enhance lead generation capabilities. This integration allowed the client to capture and manage leads efficiently while maintaining a seamless user experience.
  2. Custom Pie Chart Wheel Results: Customized the QSM plugin to display quiz results in the form of a visually engaging pie chart wheel. This involved implementing unique design elements and ensuring compatibility with various devices and screen sizes.
  3. Lead Segmentation and Automation: Implemented lead segmentation and automation within Sendinblue to categorize leads based on quiz outcomes. This enabled the author to tailor communication strategies and content based on the interests and preferences of the audience.
  4. User-Friendly Quiz Experience: Ensured that the integration and customization did not compromise the user-friendliness of the quiz-taking experience. The focus was on providing a seamless and engaging interaction for visitors to the author’s site.


  1. Efficient Lead Generation: The integration of QSM with Sendinblue streamlined the lead generation process, allowing Edwin Merino to build a valuable contact list and engage with readers effectively.
  2. Visually Appealing Results Display: The unique presentation of quiz results as a pie chart wheel added an interactive and visually appealing element to the site. This not only engaged users but also provided a memorable and distinctive experience.
  3. Personalized Communication: Leveraging Sendinblue’s segmentation and automation features, the author could personalize communication based on readers’ preferences, resulting in more targeted and impactful interactions.
  4. Increased User Engagement: The combination of innovative result displays and seamless lead generation contributed to increased user engagement, fostering a stronger connection between the author and the site’s visitors.


The successful integration of the QSM plugin with Sendinblue, coupled with the implementation of a custom pie chart wheel for displaying quiz results, transformed Edwin Merino’s author publication site into a dynamic and engaging platform. This case study highlights the effectiveness of integrating lead generation tools with creative result displays in enhancing an author’s online presence and fostering meaningful connections with the audience.

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