How WordPress Maintenance Services Can Help Fix A Crippled Website

Nowadays, virtual presence has become one of the significant parts of the business. If your business isn’t online, it doesn’t exist at all. WordPress contributes over 70% of the online blogs and is recognized as one of the most popular Content Management Systems. 

Unfortunately, most businesses are prone to several malware attacks and hacks due to improper WordPress website maintenance. Moreover, lack of maintenance results in poor SEO, terrible user experience, and finally leaves your business with fewer sales. 

If your website suffers from crippled content, links, and images, it’s time to fix your site through website maintenance services. If you want to learn more about WordPress maintenance services, you’ll love this article. 

What you’ll discover in the article

  • What exactly are website maintenance services?
  • Importance of maintenance services in improving business growth. 
  • Maintenance services checklist
  • And finally, the best maintenance companies that you should miss out on. 

What Is WordPress Website Maintenance 

Though WordPress website maintenance is commonly heard, most people don’t know what it means. Have you ever checked your vehicles for repairs? Similarly, your website also requires frequent checkups to analyze whether it’s performing well or not. 

Website maintenance usually deals with website security updates, enhancing user experience, fixing code errors, broken links, website speed, SEO, and other key ranking factors. Website maintenance is vital to attract new customers and to retain existing customers.  

In a nutshell, website maintenance services are a bunch of tasks that enhance overall site performance(speed, SEO, security, and user experience) and contribute to business profits.

Well, do you think maintenance services are essential for your website? Does it really contribute to business growth? In the next section, you’ll find out how website maintenance services take your e-business to the next level and crush your competition.  

How It Can Help The Business

Although WordPress is easy to access and monitor, it faces the highest number of hacks each minute and downtime. Also, without the proper maintenance of the website, your website gets outdated, lacks user experience and best SEO practices.

Online businesses stand out primarily on four factors- security, excellent user experience, quality content, and SEO. That’s precisely what WordPress website maintenance services update either weekly, monthly, or annually. As maintenance services enhance the critical factors of the website, it ultimately helps the business earning massive credibility, web traffic, and sales. 

Most importantly, the maintenance services monitor downtime 24/7 and fix several factors that degrade the search engine rankings. Let’s understand the impact of the maintenance services to run a successful e-business.

Enhanced Security Standards 

Did you know WordPress is one of the highly hack-prone CMS(Content Management Systems)? Even if you maintain up-to-date software, themes, and plugins, your site is prone to hacks and malware attacks due to poor security standards.

How terrible would it be to know that your site has been affected by malware or a hack on one fresh morning? Not only do hacks and malware steal your website, but they also dump brand awareness, customer trust, and website traffic. 

That’s why regular website maintenance services are vital to thwart hacks, malware, and other viruses. In a nutshell, maintenance services from the expert developers or agencies like JustHyre improve website functionalities and security standards by 2X. 

Increased SEO 

Each minute your website is visited by two groups- humans and bots. Cool, here bots are nothing but the Google crawlers(aka Google bots) that inspect each bit of your website for capturing valuable Google ranking signals. 

However, if your site fails to provide ranking signals, Google eventually decreases rankings. Here comes the SEO to improve these signals making Google easy for indexing your site. Usually, SEO deals with the tasks such as structuring the content, fixing broken links, writing missing meta descriptions, alt texts, tags, keyword optimization, and analyzing site errors. 

Website maintenance services update each SEO task and help Google bots find the valuable bits on your website. As a result, you drive organic traffic and gain many loyal customers without wasting huge bucks on ads. 

Great User Experience 

User experience plays a vital role in driving the customer’s decision and increasing brands’ credibility. For instance, imagine you’re landed on a website with poor user experience with broken content, unattractive layout, and images. 

Do you think of at least making a small purchase from such a website? Forget about buying a product; you don’t even stay on the website for more than 7 to 8 seconds. In contrast, if you landed on a website with a great user experience such as Apple, Amazon, eBay, etc., you delightfully explore the website effortlessly. 

From the above two examples, you can understand the importance of user experience in driving customer’s emotions. More importantly, a good user experience builds trust, increases credibility and authority. 

Did you know that over 89% of the small to large businesses compete only based on the website’s user experience? The best possible way to increase user experience is via regular website maintenance. 

Increases Reputation Of Your Brand 

Web users love well-maintained websites with great user experience. Not only does website maintenance increase web traffic, sales, and profits, but it also builds a reputable brand in no time. As the website is upgraded, users feel it’s safe and secured. Therefore, it increases brand reputation. 

These are the few positive responses from the website maintenance services that help in business growth. In a nutshell, if you’re focusing on long-term e-business and crushing your competition, leveraging the WordPress maintenance services is an ideal choice.  

What WordPress Website Maintenance Services Include 

Earlier, you’ve understood the importance of WordPress maintenance services contributing to business growth. Now, it’s time to know what bunch of actions is included in the maintenance services. 

Quick Maintenance Tasks Checklist 

Usually, you get maintenance services either weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. You can choose any of them based on your convenience and requirements. 

Yet, if you’re running a large site such as a commercial or eCommerce website with thousands of monthly traffic, it’s recommended to go for monthly or weekly plans. But if you’re a hobby blogger or running a small website with less than 5K to 10K monthly visitors, it’s better to opt for quarterly plans. 

In general, the developers work on four aspects of website maintenance- Technical maintenance, SEO services, website auditing, and finally, fixing server complications & speed optimization. The most important tasks included in these categories are as follows. Keep reading!

Website Auditing 

In this service, initially, the entire website is audited and analyzed for errors and other complications. These include writing missing meta descriptions, Hi tags, fixing broken mages, links, content, title tags, and other code errors. 


SEO services include dealing with the 404 pages, 301 errors, fixing backlinks, content up-gradation, robot.txt, mobile optimization, fixing website responsiveness, keyword optimization, and fixing non-indexed pages in Google. 

Server & Speed Optimization 

In these maintenance services, the heavy codes are replaced with light and simple code structures. In Particular, the developers work to eliminate JavaScript and CSS errors and complications. As a result, it optimized the website speed and increased security standards. 

Technical Maintenance Services 

Technical maintenance services are almost similar to SEO and speed optimization services. Yet, developers or WordPress engineers deal with the advanced errors and core technical updates in this service. 

In addition to the services mentioned above, professional developers’ teams like JustHyre analyze and track search engine rankings, perform backups, and other necessary tasks to improve site performance. 

Website Support & Maintenance Costs 

One of the primary reasons why most online business owners neglect website maintenance is its high costs. However, if you leave your site without proper maintenance, it worsens the scenario and costs you triple the current maintenance cost.

Here’s the detailed monthly budget list for various businesses to give you an idea about the website maintenance costs. 

  • Hobby blogs, personal blogs, or small websites- $5 to $30, including monthly domain and hosting services. 
  • Large blog with over 10K audience per month- $30 to $100 including hosting, domain, backups, marketing, and premium plugins. 
  • ECommerce website(small and uncustomized)- The budget ranges from $150 to $1500, including content, maintenance services, customizations, and premium plugins. 
  • ECommerce website(custom)- It costs up to $2000. It includes maintenance services, plugins, themes, content, and marketing. 

However, these are not fixed prices. Usually, the price depends upon the size of the business, complications, services included, and security concerns. It’s always tricky to calculate accurate website maintenance costs. So, select the maintenance services wisely and track your budget accordingly after contacting the maintenance providers. 

Best Maintenance Companies That You Shouldn’t Miss Out 

Choosing the appropriate maintenance staff is one of the most critical factors. Though numerous freelancers are available, it’s always a safe and secure decision to work with the agencies or a team of WordPress maintenance experts. So, to make your selection process effortless and quick, we’ve come up with the top three maintenance companies that you shouldn’t miss out on to gain ultimate results. 


JustHyre is the best team of WordPress engineers. They provide a wide range of services, including WordPress theme setup and training, malware removal, fixes complications in no time, advanced website tuning, updates, and plugin configurations. 

JustHyre’s team of experts works 24/7 and monitors your site. Whenever your site runs downtime, professional WordPress engineers fix the issue and enhance overall site performance. In general, JustHyre offers various monthly maintenance packages as follows. 

  • Maintain Care- In this plan, you get speed optimization, security monitoring, malware elimination, and cloud backups.
  • Update Care- This plan offers three significant updates, including theme, plugin, and core updates. 
  • Monitor Care- This package deals with the complete monthly monitoring such as uptime, downtime, SSL, and security monitoring. 
  • Content & SEO Care- In this plan, you get unlimited website edits, instantaneous customer support, boosting website rankings, keywords list, shop rankings, and other related services. 

You’re flexible in choosing either any one of these packages or a combo of them. Moreover, the monthly price starts from as low as $29 to $599 based on your custom requirements. 

Moreover, this company has the highest customer retention. So every penny you spend at the JustHyre bounces back to you in no time. Whether you’re a novice blogger or professional eCommerce business owner, JustHyre makes a perfect choice. 

WP Buffs 

WP Buffs is another well-renowned website maintenance company that offers ultimate services 24/7. Some of their services include plugin configuration, website optimization, security enhancement, eliminating malware, downtime monitoring, core updates, backups, CSS edits, and many more. 

The company uses premium tools for analysis and tracking such as WP Smush Pro, iThemes Security, WP Rocket, etc. Usually, this company charges anywhere from $67 to $199 per month. If you’re looking for the best services from experts at a reasonable price, it’s also the best option to consider. 

WP Site Care 

WP Site Care is one of the foremost WordPress maintenance companies that offer high-end maintenance services. Though it costs huge bucks, every penny is worth spending. Unlike many other companies, WP Site Care offers performance optimization in each of its plans. 

Moreover, their advanced plans include custom development tasks for a complete two hours and firewall enhancement. A few great features of their services include updates, hack cleanups, malware removal, security monitoring, backups, firewall, GitHub version controls, and many more. 

The basic plan of their maintenance services costs around $79, and the advanced plan costs up to $299 per month. If you’re looking for high-end maintenance services with custom development hours, it’s a go-to select maintenance company without a hitch.


So far, you’ve understood what website maintenance is & its services, the importance of maintenance services in improving business profits, monthly cost estimation, and the best website support and maintenance companies. 

In a nutshell, maintenance services fix your crippled website and increase sales, traffic, and brand reputation. However, if you’re worried about the budget, here’s a perfect solution. Choose JustHyre plans as they offer plans from $29. 

Moreover, you can customize the services to include in the maintenance plans. So, don’t miss out on crushing the competition and win top rankings of search engines with JustHyre. 

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