14 Popular Myths about Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of the overwhelming words in the present era. Since the increasing popularity and overwhelming digital marketing strategies, there also arises immense myths about digital marketing. 

Have you ever come across questions such as Is SEO dead, Is content marketing still marketing, Will my business thrive if I’m not on all the social media platforms, blah, blah, blah? 

Cool. Let’s understand the popular myths around digital marketing that deviate you from the actual digital marketing strategies. Once you’ve cleared the misconceptions, it’s easier to thrive in the digital era crushing your competition. 

So, without beating around the bush, let’s jump into the digital marketing myths. 

Digital Marketing Is Same As Social Media Marketing

This is one of the popular myths that has strongly ingrained the users. Usually, digital marketing includes content marketing, social media, email marketing, digital ads, in-app marketing, search engine optimization, and search engine marketing. 

While social media marketing is all about building a brand presence on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., in social media marketing, the content related to business is posted frequently to inform its followers. Usually, social media marketing works even without the paid ads. 

It’s one of the cheapest marketing tactics that several businesses use. However, one of the major drawbacks of social media marketing is that it doesn’t provide you with faster results. It takes months to years to build a strong community. Since digital marketing includes content marketing and digital advertising, it easily reaches your target audience and yields a comparatively faster response. 

 More Content On Website Gives Better Results

This is another most popular myth in digital marketing, where people think that more content on the website yields better search engine results. However, if you fail to deliver valuable content to the users, filling the website with huge content is just a waste of time. 

Create enough ultimate content which is hard to replicate. Each page or post on your website should be informative and helpful. In a nutshell, create content that helps users make better decisions rather than building tons of useless content. 

Negative Reviews On Social Media Is Harmful 

Most people remove the negative comments and reviews about their businesses. However, this isn’t helpful because the negative comments help you understand the loopholes of your products. 

So, welcome criticism and negative feedback from the customers. Ensure that you’ll consider the customer’s negative feedback and resolve them with a greater product. The negative feedback helps you turn your customers into supporters. So, embrace negative feedback and take it positively. 

 Website Traffic Is Everything To Digital Marketing Success 

Most people think that website traffic is everything to digital success. However, hundreds of bloggers and online businessmen have hundreds of thousands of traffic yet fail to garner adequate bucks. 

Because all these bloggers fail to grab the attention of potential and loyal audiences, don’t fall into the trap of website traffic numbers. Instead, focus on the content; you’ll truly garner loyal folks who care about your products, services, and content.  

SEO Is Easy & Drives Quick Results 

SEO is not about picking a few keywords, inserting them into the article, and publishing it. Instead of calling it SEO, it’s often referred to as Keyword Stuffing. In general, good SEO practices take 6 to 12 months to drive results. 

A few best SEO practices include formatting content, adding meta descriptions, alt-texts, images, and boosting the site’s speed. If you’re a beginner and want to improve the SEO of the posts, use a plugin called “Yoast SEO.” It’s one of the highly used plugins by experts and top-notch bloggers. 

In addition, SEO isn’t simple. At the same time, it isn’t an impossible task even. To rank on search engines, you should focus on off-page, on-page, and technical SEO, adding keywords to building links. Hence, it takes time and doesn’t produce instantaneous results. It builds over time. 

Why Should I Start Online If My Competitors Are Thriving Without Online Business?

This is one of the most obvious questions that enter the traditional businessmen or traders. But as a businessman or a salesman for your business, you should think of customers rather than your competitors. Perhaps, your competitors aren’t online, but customers are wandering online. So, it’s the best place to catch up with most of the customers that your competitors might be missing. 

In addition, online marketing helps you reach various customers across the world. So, if you want to drive massive sales and conversions, online presence is one of the most important factors to consider. Furthermore, online business reduces much of our business costs for traditional marketing, campaigns, and advertisements.

Mobile Users Don’t Convert At All.

This is one of the popular misconceptions in the digital world. Remember your last online shopping. Where did you buy your clothes or accessories? Mostly from Amazon, eBay, Apple, Nike, Puma, or any other popular eCommerce apps.

Despite poor network issues, most buyers are mobile users. However, it’s true that if you’ve got a lengthy sign-up process and checkout process, mobile users are hard to convert. So, for them, it’s vital to redesign the hassle-free and smooth checkout process. Whether mobile or desktop users, all you need to provide is a hassle-free checkout and a good user experience. 

Email Marketing Is Dead

This is another most popular digital marketing myth. Did you know there are numerous stats supporting email marketing as the best marketing strategy? Some of them include- 

Still, did you believe email marketing is dead? Whether you’re a personal lifestyle blogger, eCommerce owner, or commercial website owner, email marketing is one of the best strategies to retain more customers.

Content Marketing No Longer A Best Practice

This is one of the popular misconceptions among large website owners. Once the website is running successfully, reaping millions of monthly visitors, they believe that content marketing is pointless. 

Whether you’re a small business owner or a prominent company owner, consent marketing still works and is one of the most essential tools to build trust. Imagine what your customers might think if the previous post was written a few months or a year ago. So, don’t neglect content marketing to engage and nurture the customers. 

Digital Everything Is Everything To Business

Of course, digital marketing plays an essential role in business growth. But it’s not everything. A good business strategy includes both digital and traditional marketing tactics such as events, webinars, magazine ads, newspaper interviews, etc. 

Although most of your customers are online, there are also a few valuable audiences outside online platforms. Usually, customers buy products based on online reviews and information. So, make sure to focus on both streams strategically to build long-term business success. 

Remarketing Isn’t Important. 

Most businesses think that remarketing is pushy. However, if the marketing is done in the right way that helps customers to make the right decision, it drives tremendous results without being creepy. But if a business forgets to nurture and re-engage the customers, remarketing becomes creepy.  

So, whatever marketing practices you choose, keep the customers on the frontline. Always think about how you can help them with your services and target them accordingly through various platforms. 

SEO Is Dead

Can you believe that it’s easier to compete with over one billion websites? It’s not an easy thing. And the only potent weapon to leverage to rank high in SEO. SEO isn’t dead and has become more significant. Good SEO practices help you crush half of your competition in a short period(6 to 12 months).

It drives colossal organic traffic, increases conversions, and incredibly increases your online presence. Usually, SEO includes link building, keyword research, content, social networking, traffic monitoring, website optimization, site map optimization, etc. 

Digital Marketing Messages Aren’t Personalized.

With increasing technology and automation techniques, today, digital marketing messages are highly personalized. You can send messages to specific consumers mentioning their names. This primarily works well in email marketing and SMS marketing or campaigns. 

For creating a sense of personalized touch, you should use the right tool and software. Moreover, this personalized digital message increases conversions by 4X. So, don’t neglect digital marketing, thinking that it isn’t personalized. 

One Social Media Profile Is Enough For Digital Success

Social media presence is one of the most important things to consider to establish a great brand. It’s the only way to connect with the customer closely with personalized messages. If your customers cannot find you on social media, then your brand or business would severely suffer in the future. 

Usually, your customers aren’t restricted to a single social media platform. They are distributed across various platforms, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. So, try to build social media presence on at least three to four social media platforms. 

Let’s Sum It Up 

Digital marketing is one of the most popular marketing strategies to include in the present era. Whether you’re a small business owner, freelance, top-notch brand CEO, or employee, online presence is vital. Digital marketing comes into play to give your online presence a significant boost. 

So, leveraging digital marketing correctly helps businesses garner a lot of opportunities. As discussed in the article, with increasing popularity, there are also several myths surrounding digital marketing. Some of the most popular digital marketing myths include-  

  • Digital marketing and social media marketing are almost the same. 
  • Websites with more content thrive in the present online era.
  • Businesses can thrive without leveraging SEO.
  • SEO is dead
  • Content marketing is pointless.
  • Email marketing is old-fashioned and a dead marketing strategy. 
  • Negative feedback is highly dangerous. 
  • SEO is easy and quick.
  • Mobile users don’t convert well. 
  • Remarketing is alarming and frightening. 
  • Digital marketing messages aren’t personalized. 

These are the few digital marketing misconceptions that you should know. So, what do you say? Do you know any other myths about digital marketing? If yes, feel free to share in the below comment section. 

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