10 Things To Know: If You Want To Learn Web Design

Well, decided to learn web design? Designing is more than creating graphics, writing codes, and building beautiful layouts. As a website designer, you should understand the visitors’ behavior, selecting the right fonts, colors, styles, and the strategic implementation of graphics in the web pages. 

If you’re someone who’d like to learn web design by joining a professional web designing course, here are a few things to know in advance. As you read the article, you’ll also find actionable tips from the experts that help you become a professional web designer. So, without any further delay, let’s dive in. 

What Does A Web Designer Need To Know 

Here are a few significant factors to consider as a web designer trainee. All the factors mentioned in this section give you potential outcomes and drive the website’s users’ behavior. So, it’s vital to understand the various factors such as graphics optimization, writing simple codes, search engine optimization, and many more. 

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Website Graphics Optimization For Fast Loading 

This is one of the foremost and most significant steps to know if you’re a beginner. Website graphics optimization plays a vital role in enhancing the overall website speed. The proper graphics format and settings load websites quickly and increase website traffic. 

Usually, the large-size images and other media contribute to low website speed. As a result, the visitors get frustrated and never come back. That’s why it is necessary to pick out the correct format images or graphics on the website. 

But how do you know the proper graphics format? Cool, here’s a pro tip from the experts. Save images with sharp features and color as PNG or GIF formats. At the same time, the general pictures can be used in JPG format.  

To maintain a fast-loading website, be as smart as you can by minimizing the image size and selecting suitable formats. In addition, this improves the website performance and page response time. 

Master The Required Coding 

With numerous tools and plugins, it’s easier to design websites without using a single line of code. Yet, it’s essential to know how to write code for website designers to create unique designs. Although there are multiple editors, they contribute to the poor HTML structure and code that decreases the website performance. 

Sometimes, it’s harder to update and remove malware from the website without using the proper codes. In addition, writing simple codes makes websites lightweight, clean and enhance user experience. So, make sure to master the significant codes such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, and other relevant codes. 

Understand Website Navigation 

Whenever the visitor lands on the website, he or she should navigate with ease throughout the website without any interruptions. This is another significant thing to consider before designing the website. The ideal website design should be clean and has to take the visitor to their desired locations. 

Take time and make conscious efforts to improve the site’s navigation that drives exclusive sales and conversions. In general, professional website designers consider style, layout, widgets positioning, and simple code while developing the navigation design for the website. 

Leverage CSS and Javascript to create the best navigational experience for web visitors. Usually, it’s recommended to place navigation bars in a visible location. That’s why most websites and blog designs consist of navigation bars at the top of the web pages.  

Don’t Tempt For Complex Designs. 

This is one of the most common mistakes made by beginner web designers. Professional designers understand the importance of simplicity in web designing. So, they keep the website clean with simple designs, layouts, high-standard visuals, and other minimal graphics. 

Whenever you’re starting with the design, constantly ask yourself the following interactive questions.

  • Are these graphics relevant and add value?
  • Is this design crucial to reflect the brand?
  • How do the visitors navigate if I remove this widget or element?
  • Does this element grab the visitors’ attention?

Add a few more questions based on your requirements. The primary goal of asking questions frequently is to keep the website design simple and accessible. Remember that being simple doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be creative. Instead, simple designs are retina-ready and eye-catching designs. So, brainstorm as much as you can to come up with innovative ideas. 

Use Medium-Size To Large-Size Fonts Strategically 

Here comes the usage of fonts methodically to attract users. Since thousands of fonts are available to design the whooping website, it’s overwhelming to choose the right fonts. Use web-safe fonts that CSS is compatible with. If you don’t find any exciting fonts in the web-safe fonts, go for the sIFR or Cufon. 

While designing the website, make sure to use the font consistently. Here are a few things to consider while using the fonts. 

  • Use distinct fonts for headings, sub-headings, and paragraph texts. 
  • Make sure to use medium-to-large font size above 12 px. 
  • Understand the usage of white spaces. 
  • Highlight sentences and words.

Another common mistake that most beginners web designers fail to notice is using the wrong fonts. Don’t use cursive or signature fonts frequently. Make sure to enlarge the size font of over 12 px so that low-vision users can easily access the website content.

Choose Right Colors 

There are various websites in the market with poor color usage. Always choose the colors that contrast with the background colors. Experts recommend using dark text on the light background colors for clear visibility. 

For instance, it’s hassle-free to access black text on a white background rather than white text on black background. Another example is the navy blue text color on the pink background. This combination also works well when used in the right way at the right website location. 

In general, the usage of wrong text and background colors stress your eyes. As a result, the users leave the website and never look back again. So, make sure to use light backgrounds and dark text colors for a better user experience. 

These are the few significant things to consider before starting web design projects, especially as a beginner. However, there are also a few other minor things to know while designing a website, as mentioned in the next section. 


Here are the additional factors that you shouldn’t miss out on to design an eye-popping website. So, read-on!

Understand SEO 

SEO is the most significant factor that enhances website traffic and search engine rankings. While designing the website, the proficient website designer always keeps in mind the SEO. 

For instance, you should incorporate logo, website name, page title, sub-heads with primary keywords, and other related keywords to improve the site SEO. In addition, it’s recommended to add alt texts for images to enhance image optimization. 

Remember Most Of The Web Consumers Are Impatient People

Did you know people scan the website and hardly read content for 8 to 9 seconds? So, it’s vital to grab users’ attention within these 8 seconds. Hence, as a proficient web designer, you should strategically navigate users’ from one place to another. 

Moreover, the users’ constantly scroll down the web pages and stop wherever they find something interesting. So, make sure to design websites with eye-catching graphics, attractive layout, and visible fonts. In a nutshell, become a salesman for an instant to grab visitors’ attention. 


In this article, we’ve discussed the most significant factors to consider for beginner web designers. Usually, these factors increase website user experience, attract visitors and increase your reputation as a web designer. 

So, make sure to understand SEO, font styles, size, graphic optimization, simple layout creation, and writing lightweight codes to increase overall website performance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the salary of a web designer?

The beginner web design salary is around 47,300 USD. However, the professional designer reaps over 116,000 USD. 

  • How to learn web designing for free?

You can learn web designing for free through various online courses.  

  • What are the web designing agencies?

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