What Are The Best Resources To Learn WordPress Plugin Development?

Well, decided to learn WordPress plugin development and related stuff? If yes, here are the best resources to get started with. 

It’s overwhelming to choose the specific learning resources to specialize the WordPress skills in the present era. However, to make the selection process easier and more accessible, we’ve come up with the best online resources to learn about WordPress and its product development from scratch. 

After reading the entire article, you’ll discover the most suitable learning resource to master WordPress plugin development. So, without beating around the bush, let’s dive into the article. 

How To Choose Top-Notch WordPress Plugin Development Course 

Although there are hundreds of free and paid online WordPress plugin development courses, not all of them provide great stuff. To help you choose the best WordPress plugin development course, here are a few factors to consider. 

  • Price- Consider the price of the course and analyze what they offer. 
  • Mentor- This is another key thing to consider. Make sure to enroll in a course under an experienced mentor or developer.
  • Resources- Check the format of course content provided by the instructor. It’s always advised to neroli in courses where you get both video and article format resources. 
  • Tests- Frequent quizzes and practice tests enhance your learning to master skills quickly. So, choose a course that provides regular tests. 
  • Content Update- It’s always recommended to enroll in updated courses. 
  • Content Structure- Check whether the course content is structured well or not. 

These are the few things to consider before enrolling in the plugin development courses. However, to make your process easier, here are a few top-notch WordPress courses for beginners to experts. 

Best Online WordPress Tutorial Resources

Upon hours of research, our team has handpicked the topmost and highest-rated online resources. Some are also best for professionals to update with the latest facts, techniques, and tips. So, read on to discover a suitable online course for you. 


It’s no surprise to say that Udemy is the best Platform to master high-level skills at an affordable price. Udemy is one of the top-notch platforms to unlock premium-level courses at $10 to $200. Since all the instructors are experienced, you’ll get the utmost knowledge. Usually, the length of the various courses varies from 1 hour to 100 hours. 

In addition, it includes audio, animations, video, and article resources. If you’ve no idea where to get started, blindly visit Udemy and look for the best WordPress courses. Enroll in the premium courses by analyzing ratings, reviews, instructor expertise, and course structure. 

If you’ve any doubts about the training session, you can easily access the instructor at the Q&A sessions. Whether you’re a newbie or expert developer, Udemy courses are for everyone to upgrade your skills from high-rated mentors. 

Joy of WP

The joy of WP has the full-length 4-hour training session pricing $85 to $200 per class. The training involves numerous quizzes, practice tests, and lifetime access. It’s beneficial for all users, from beginners to advanced learners. The website has 50+ videos, articles, and two free courses, including “WP A to Z” and “How to WordPress.” 

In the former course, you learn all WordPress basics. It even includes topics such as how to start WordPress, hosting, plugins, themes, blogging, and other related stuff. At the same time, the latter course includes everything about the Gutenberg editor and Elementor page builder. 

Both of these free courses are extremely useful for beginners. If you’d like to dig deeper into the concepts, it’s recommended to opt for training sessions for $85 to $200 per class. 

WP Apprentice

WP Apprentice offers numerous WordPress-related course content for beginners free of cost. It has 23+ video course content formats to master the basic concepts. If you’d like to learn more, sign in to its premium membership of $15 per month and unlock advanced courses. 

It offers high-level site design and theme-building courses for website designers. Similarly, it offers numerous other courses for developers such as SEO, eCommerce site development, maintenance, Gutenberg Editor advanced tutorial, and many more.

In addition, the prime membership users can access the forums, coaching sessions that add value to your profession. Moreover, it’s the best Platform to learn beginner to advanced WordPress concepts without missing single updates. 

Additional Resources To Learn WordPress Plugin Development 

Here are a few additional recommended resources from the experts that perhaps help you learn more about WordPress. 

WordPress Codex 

WordPress.org Codex is another free platform to access advanced WordPress concepts. It’s one of the trustworthy websites to learn advanced WordPress concepts for free. Most of the articles take 10 to 20 minutes to read. The Platform is perfectly suitable for plugins, themes, or WordPress developers to understand the back-end technicality of WordPress from scratch. 

Since WordPress.org Codex is similar to Wikipedia, you can read, edit, and discuss every bit of information. WordPress codex is one of the ultimate platforms to understand the technical aspects of WordPress. However, if you’re a beginner-level user, it’s better to choose other resources. Yet, the Platform is best for intermediate and advanced users.  


Hongkiat is another free WordPress learning platform that offers 10 minutes to read articles suitable for beginners to experts. You’ll find articles about the latest WordPress tools, technology, and designing techniques. It has a wide range of articles about each aspect of WordPress from scratch. It also offers WordPress debugging tips, plugin reviews, how-to guides, WordPress installation, theme customizations, and many more in detail. 

Furthermore, the Platform also includes articles on time management, mobile app, and game development. The professionals can surely benefit from the latest WordPress news and regular updates. At the same time, beginners can enjoy how-to guides and tips. 


Hostinger is another best free WordPress resource. It offers extraordinary articles useful for beginners. The tutorials and articles are free to use and extremely effortless to access. It has a separate section for users who’d like to learn about WordPress in detail. 

Since all the articles were written, edited, and proofread by the experts, the information provided on the Platform is highly authoritative. You’ll find some of the concepts on Hostinger, such as getting started with a blog, CMS platforms, Joomla, Drupal, web development tips, techniques, and how-to guides. 


Toolset offers a free 45-minute video course with lifetime access. The course is exclusively designed for beginners with frequent quizzes and practice tests. Usually, Toolset is a plugin that enhances the blog’s performance by adding custom posts, taxonomies, etc., without even writing a single code. 

Apart from this, it also offers a great course about WordPress. The course contains three major chapters discussing the custom post types, tips, and advanced techniques to improve the website. The video lessons, summary, free training site to practice, and quizzes are the best features of the course to enroll in. 


LearnWoo is also one of the free resources for beginners and intermediate users. It contains hundreds of articles about WordPress sites. LearnWoo focuses on eCommerce businesses. The Platform has covered almost all the topics, such as WooCommerce set-up to managing and customization of sites. 

Some of the articles also include how to manage shipping rates. The resources available on the Platform are article formats with 5 to 15 minutes read. Apart from this, the Platform also has ebooks and video tutorials. Yet, you should sign up to unlock the videos and ebooks.  

iThemes training 

iThemes training is a premium membership platform that offers 5 to 10-minute tutorials at $39/month. Although it doesn’t have frequent quizzes, it’s recommended for all skill level users, from beginners to experts. Usually, it mostly offers webinars, free materials, and tutorials. 

If you want to update yourself with the latest information, subscribe to its email list. The Platform provides you with the latest information each week and keeps you updated without a hitch. 

Make A Website Hub 

Make A Website Hub is a free platform to learn WordPress. It has several guides and tutorials for beginners, including building websites, blogging, and affiliate marketing. Whether you’re an aspiring WordPress developer, designer, or digital marketer, this Platform is an ideal choice. 

Usually, this website includes long articles that take almost 5 to 10 minutes to read. The Platform doesn’t provide any videos. Yet, the videos are substituted with eye-captivate screenshots and images that make learning more fun.

Key Takeaways 

So far, we’ve discussed the best resources to master WordPress plugin development. Udemy and Joy of WP are the best online resources that you can blindly rely on to master WordPress development. 

However, if you don’t want to spend huge bucks, Udemy and free platforms like Hostinger, Make A Website Hub, Hongkiat, WP Apprentice, LearnWoo, and Toolset are ideal. If you’re looking for advanced online WordPress development resources, WordPress Codex is another best platform to consider. 

These are the few best online resources that you should know to learn WordPress skills. Do you know any other WordPress plugin development resources? If yes, feel free to share with us in the below comment section. 

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