9 Reasons Why You Should Use Shopify For Your Ecommerce Website

The web is filled with numerous content management systems (CMS) to choose from. However, a fewer amount can offer you the best features needed for creating a business or an e-commerce site. Your website and e-store should be created so that they will prove beneficial and worth your investment. This means that the CMS should exhibit a lot of functionalities and elements that will help you build.

When it comes to choosing the right CMS for your business needs, Shopify is a leading name. It provides a solid foundation needed to create an online presence while providing intuitive and user-friendly options that make it easy for anyone to work with. Here are 10 features of Shopify that make it an excellent option for your website needs.

But before moving to its best features let’s shed some light on why Shopify in the first place and why is so popular?

Why Shopify is so Popular among CMS?

If you have ever looked into Shopify, it is probably due to its popularity. Due to the fact that Shopify has been a popular choice among eCommerce platforms, there has also been a significant growth of interest in this platform. Many individuals are curious about what makes Shopify such a popular platform for eCommerce and many more look for answers to their questions about this CMS on forums and other customer-based review websites.

Shopify is an eCommerce store management system that allows users to set up online stores and launch them on top of their domain name. With Shopify, you also get a whole host of specialized themes and designs that can let you transform your service from others.

It has become so popular because it offers everything you need to create your own online store without needing to spend months learning how to program websites or hire a developer.

So even if you have no experience at all with designing websites, you can still create an attractive, functional online store in minutes. And since Shopify is also a hosted solution, there are no servers to manage or databases to maintain — just sign up and get started!

These 10 Features make Shopify the Best CMS

#1 Shopify Themes

Shopify provides a huge variety of stunning and professional themes designed by renowned web designers. There are hundreds of premium themes to choose from. Also, there are many free Shopify themes for you to choose as well. In case a custom design is required to be built, there are many professional theme design studios that have created several premium themes for Shopify. Its free templates are designed to match any taste, style, and budget. Choose from a wide range of free Shopify themes to create your online store in less time.

#2 Customer Profiles

Shopify helps you to track your customer’s purchase history, monitor all activities, and send receipts via e-mail. Also, with the help of marketing emails, you are able to broaden your customer base. Create customer profiles to get a better understanding of your clients. Track their purchase history, monitor all activities and send receipts via e-mail.

#3 Easy Inventory Management

If you’re selling online, then you might be in need of an inventory management solution. Shopify provides you with an intuitive and straightforward platform that helps you manage your stock and inventory in an efficient manner. You can experiment with your product bundles, track the movement of your stock items, send package-related live notifications to your customers, set up re-order points, and so on.

#4 Add Multiple Product Images

Shopify allows up to 250 product images. With this feature, you can show your customers what your products look like from different angles, allowing them to have a far more transparent view of the product.

#5 Accessing HTML And CSS

The best feature of Shopify is that it allows you access to its HTML and CSS. Customize your store according to your needs.  If you want to create a good online store, you will need to do a lot of customization. This can be done by accessing the HTML and CSS of your online store.

#6 On-time Support

Shopify рrоvidеѕ еdgе-lеvеl security ѕо thаt уоu dоn’t hаvе tо. This аllоwѕ you tо focus on raising mоnеу and gеtting users rеgѕtriеd rather than trying to figure out how to prevent hacking and data breaches. You will receive the reassurance of always being able tо access dedicated support whenever there are issues. For startups that require solutions that do not involve further costs, the support team can provide valuable insight and assistance.

#7 Multiple Marketing Tools

Shopify Marketing Tools are an essential component to running your online store. With advanced, tried, and tested tools such as SEO and content marketing, you can find the right shoppers who will turn into customers. Integrated with social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, Shopify’s marketing tools allow for easy user engagement and increased conversion rates. The benefits don’t stop there. You can benefit from discounts, and gift cards and even put your marketing on autopilot with our automation features.

#8 Analytics

Increase your conversions and make more sales with Shopify Analytics. It offers a summarized view of your store’s activity, from the number of visitors to sales. This overview dashboard gives you access to key data points like revenue, average order value, profits, and more.

#9 Mobile App

Shopify’s mobile app uses a number of features to help improve business success. Business owners are able to depend on their app to accept payments, manage their online store while they’re outdoors, streamline experiences, and more!


So, what are your reasons for choosing an e-commerce site to start? Is it because you want to enhance your online presence? Or is it for your business to need the internet? Regardless of the reason why you want to create your own e-store, Shopify is one of the best CMS’ that you can use. It works great with other apps and is readily available. Shopify comes in different options now – from themes to plugins – so you can find a design that will match your store’s needs and business goals.

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