9 Best Shopify Apps to Increase Conversions and Sales Instantly

If you’re a store owner or an eCommerce blogger, looking for ways to increase your store sales and revenue, you might’ve considered installing one of the many available Shopify apps in the app store. 

After all, it’s much easier and quicker to install a ready-made app than to find, research, and build a feature from scratch. But what’s tricky is finding the right app that works best for your store.

The eCommerce platform is extremely popular among merchants and entrepreneurs. That’s why such a variety of apps with different functionality is created for Shopify. In this article, we provide you with the top 9 most useful Shopify apps, as well as point out some integral benefits that each app provides. While some feature-rich apps are free and some are paid, all of them will work – you just have to choose the right one for your business. 

Hope you’ll find this information useful and make the best choice among available Shopify apps!

9 Best Shopify Apps to have in 2022

#1 FeedGeni – Product Feed Generator

FeedGeni has been the secret weapon for hundreds of e-commerce companies that want to grow their business, expand their market reach and maximize their profit. With FeedGeni, you can generate thousands of product feeds that your potential customers need. It is a product feed generator for Shopify merchants. FeedGeni helps you save both time and money while keeping your shop organized and well-optimized.

Modern businesses need more than just a product feed generator. FeedGeni helps businesses with all their product feed needs, including channel operations and optimization. With FeedGeni e-commerce companies can deliver their products to multiple shopping platforms with one solution without having to be an expert in data feed technologies first.

If you’re tired of manually updating product feeds for Google Shopping, Facebook Ads, Bing Product Ads, and other channels like eBay – FeedGeni is exactly what you need. Product Feed Generator helps you create new product feeds from scratch in seconds. With this tool, creating a new feed for Google Shopping is as easy as creating one for Amazon or eBay.

#2 SEO Doctor – Image Optimizer

As a Shopify store owner, it can be hard to keep on top of everything that affects your store and its performance in search engines. This is where SEO Doctor comes in! The Shopify SEO App scans all aspects of your store and tells you exactly what you need to do in order to optimize them for better search engine rankings, traffic, and sales. With even just a few simple fixes, you will see an increase in your store’s traffic from both search engines and social media by using this app!

SEO Doctor is the Shopify SEO app that will help you increase your store’s SEO rankings and traffic. Not only can it fix all Shopify SEO issues, but it tackles image optimization, structured data, sitemap, meta tags, and 404 monitors as well. It is unique from other Shopify apps in that it automatically fixes all the issues for you – no need for you to manually do anything!

The app is easy to use, with a simple dashboard interface with 5 options: SEO Fixes, Sitemap, Structured data, Meta tags, and 404 monitors. Choose your desired option and click “Autopilot” to let SEO Doctor do the heavy lifting.

#3 PushOwl Web Notification

Online store owners have to deliver more than just a great product. Customers are always looking for more ways to engage with your site, and PushOwl offers the perfect solution. This web push notifications app generates sales by bringing people back to your sites on a daily basis. It is an easy-to-use eCommerce app that increases sales by keeping your customers engaged with your items. From flash sales to back-in-stock updates, PushOwl boosts your sales. 

The best part? You can easily create a segmented campaign using our app’s advanced features. It also recovers abandoned carts for increased conversions. With seamless integration to many top-rated Shopify apps, your business can grow abundantly!

It pushes real-time notifications to your shoppers’ web browsers, encouraging them to return to your sites.

#4 Recart FB Messenger Marketing

We understand that not everyone takes promotional emails seriously. Consequently, it loses its ability to generate leads. However, Recart FB Messenger Marketing believes that using messages is more efficient than emails. The app allows you to send emails by talking directly with customers; it helps you create better content to get new leads. 

Manage and organize your business messages without spending hours in front of the screen. Get more results in less time with Recart’s Facebook Messenger Marketing for the Shopify app. It’s the ultimate tool to send discount notifications, welcome notes, review requests, shipping info, and more!

Recart’s goal is to help businesses build loyalty and interact with their customers through personalized content. They have several plans fitting all business sizes.

#5 Free Shipping Bar

The Free Shipping Bar app is a great way to prompt international customers to add more products and cross the order threshold. The color bar indicates how close customers are to achieving free shipping, and they can achieve their free shipping goal by purchasing additional items. This app works best when combined with e-commerce platforms that offer Prime membership or any other shipping guarantees.  

Roughly a third of all online orders today include free shipping. Free Shipping Bar is an excellent app that lets you offer your customers this great incentive, as well as track the number of sales generated by the bar every day. It’s effective while not being intrusive, which makes it a great way to instantly boost sales and revenue without causing a drop-off.

Free Shipping Bar is super easy to set up and works for multiple countries and languages. The bar can be placed on any page and is automatically updated when customers add something to the cart. 

#6 Ultimate Sales Boost

The Ultimate Sales Boost is a powerful app that helps convert visitors into customers by boosting the urgency element and maximizing your sales. It includes many useful features, such as countdown timers, low stock warnings, and sales sticker images to urge conversions in minutes. Not only on product pages but also use it on collections and the homepage to boost sales in the entire checkout flow.

In the case of a limited-time offer, it triggers the customer to buy immediately and maximizes conversions as a result. With the Ultimate Sales Boost app, you can boost sales in minutes using countdown timers and low stock warnings. 

With many features like sales countdown timers, trust badges, and loyalty programs. The app offers the BOGO feature, which allows users to have a 50% discount if they buy more than one item at once. 

#7 Pop! Sales Pop & Social Proof

Pop! Sale is an app that creates a sense of urgency and trust in your new store by showing social proof. It can be used to show the products added to carts, purchases in real-time, people visiting your digital storefront, and people visiting your physical location recently. It has an open API that allows you to customize it however you need.

Everybody wants to feel like there’s something special about their product. This app caters to that desire. It is a store-specific app that builds trust in your new store by showing social proof. It displays live purchasing activity combined with customer interaction, so shoppers can see what others are doing. 

You can use this app to turn your visitors into buyers and convince them to spend money at your store.

#8 Tido – Livechat & Chatbot

Tido is a powerful and easy-to-use live chat & chatbot platform. It helps you communicate with customers more effectively, boosting sales and loyalty. Imagine having a personal assistant to help you respond to all of the customer requests. The Chatbot has a friendly and polite tone and can be customized based on the store’s needs. 

The AI-powered chatbot knows how to use the best words, what questions to ask, and how to answer them. As a human-like companion, it is able to talk about weather and sports in addition to shopping.

No more missed revenue opportunities. Tido keeps you and your team informed about everything that matters to your business. Chat with customers, track deals in progress and boost your sales, no matter how fast they come or where they come from.

#9 Referral Candy

Referral Candy is a referral marketing app that empowers you to reward your customers and referrers with discounts on purchases, cash back incentives, and custom gifts. The customers who received the discount automatically share their app experience by posting on social media or their personal websites. This helps you to increase your revenue while building up brand awareness.

To reward your loyal customers, you can offer them discount coupons or money back on items in store. You can also use Referral Candy as an affiliate program to encourage your customers to share about you and get rewarded for their efforts. Additionally, the app allows you to discount merchandise for new customers during the promotional period.

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Wrapping Up

Depending on your needs, the solution you end up choosing can significantly impact your revenues. Although your store’s design and the content will play a fundamental role in how much traffic it attracts, not all online stores are seemly designed or maintained. 

Even if they are well-built, each app provides a specific set of features that can increase your sales quickly and effectively. The variety of apps underlines how Shopify constantly strives to improve its eCommerce platform and attract more store owners to its stable.